Why Does My Candles Sink in the Middle

Why Does My Candle Sink in the Middle?

Candles are a popular choice for creating a warm and cozy ambiance in any space. However, one common issue that candle enthusiasts often face is the sinking of the candle in the middle. This can be frustrating, especially when you’ve invested in a high-quality candle. So, why does this happen? Let’s explore some of the possible reasons and solutions for this problem.

1. Insufficient Wicking: One of the main reasons why candles sink in the middle is due to the wick being too small for the size of the candle. The wick’s role is to provide a consistent and even burn, but if it’s too small, the wax around it will not fully melt, resulting in a sinking effect.

2. Poor Wax Quality: Low-quality wax can also contribute to the sinking of candles. Cheap or low-grade wax tends to have a lower melting point, causing it to melt unevenly and sink in the middle. Investing in higher-quality candles made from premium wax can help prevent this issue.

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3. Drafts or Air Flow: Excessive drafts or air flow around the candle can cause it to burn unevenly, resulting in sinking. Ensure that your candle is placed in a draft-free area to maintain an even burn.

4. Overly Wide Container: If your candle is placed in a container that is too wide for its size, the wax tends to spread out and melt unevenly. This can lead to the center sinking while the edges burn properly. Opt for containers that are appropriately sized for your candle.

5. Incorrect Burning Time: Burning candles for insufficient periods can cause tunneling, where the wax only melts in the center, leading to a sinking effect. Allow your candle to burn for a sufficient amount of time, ensuring that the entire top layer of wax has melted before extinguishing it.

6. Inadequate Candle Maintenance: Proper candle maintenance is crucial to prevent sinking. Trim the wick to an appropriate length before each use and ensure that the candle is not exposed to long periods of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

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7. Uneven Burning Surface: Placing your candle on an uneven surface can also contribute to sinking. Make sure to set your candle on a flat and stable surface to ensure an even burn.


1. Can I fix a sinking candle?
Yes, you can fix a sinking candle. Trim the wick and melt the wax around the sides to create a well, then pour out the excess wax. Allow the candle to cool and solidify before relighting.

2. How can I prevent candles from sinking in the middle?
To prevent sinking, ensure you use the appropriate wick size, invest in high-quality candles, avoid drafts, use correctly sized containers, burn candles for an adequate time, maintain them properly, and place them on a flat surface.

3. Can I reuse the leftover wax from a sinking candle?
Yes, you can reuse the leftover wax by melting it down and pouring it into a new container with a new wick.

4. Are all sinking candles faulty?
Not necessarily. Some sinking can be due to user error or environmental factors. However, consistent sinking in high-quality candles may indicate a manufacturing defect.

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5. Can I return a sinking candle to the manufacturer?
Yes, if you believe the sinking is due to a manufacturing defect, you can contact the manufacturer or retailer to inquire about their return or exchange policy.

6. Are all sinking candles dangerous?
Sinking candles are not inherently dangerous, but they can lead to uneven burning and potentially wasted wax. However, always follow candle safety guidelines and never leave a burning candle unattended.

7. Are there any alternative solutions to prevent sinking?
Using candle accessories such as wick holders or wick centering devices can help prevent sinking by keeping the wick centered and allowing for an even burn.

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