What Restaurants Are Still Open From Kitchen Nightmares

What Restaurants Are Still Open From Kitchen Nightmares?

Kitchen Nightmares, the popular reality television series hosted by renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, was known for its intense and often dramatic makeovers of struggling restaurants. With Ramsay’s expertise and tough love approach, many of these establishments were given a second chance to turn their fortunes around. However, not all of them were able to sustain their success after the show. So, which restaurants are still open from Kitchen Nightmares? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Amy’s Baking Company (Scottsdale, Arizona):
Amy’s Baking Company gained infamy for its explosive episode where the owners clashed with Ramsay and received widespread criticism for their behavior. Despite the negative publicity, the restaurant is still open today.

2. Black Pearl (New York, New York):
Black Pearl, a seafood restaurant in Manhattan, appeared on Kitchen Nightmares in 2012. After the show, the restaurant rebranded itself as “Prohibition Gastropub” and remains open to this day.

3. Yanni’s Greek Cuisine (Phinney Ridge, Seattle):
Yanni’s Greek Cuisine, a family-owned restaurant, underwent a transformation on Kitchen Nightmares in 2009. The restaurant successfully implemented Ramsay’s changes and continues to serve Greek delicacies to its customers.

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4. Pantaleone’s (Denver, Colorado):
Pantaleone’s, a pizzeria in Denver, faced numerous challenges before Ramsay intervened. After the show, the restaurant implemented changes and remains open, serving its famous New York-style pizza.

5. DownCity (Providence, Rhode Island):
DownCity, a contemporary American restaurant, was featured on Kitchen Nightmares in 2009. The episode highlighted the struggles faced by the owners. Despite some initial setbacks, the restaurant managed to stay afloat and is still open today.

6. Leone’s (Montclair, New Jersey):
Leone’s, an Italian restaurant, received Ramsay’s guidance in 2007. Since then, the restaurant has continued to serve traditional Italian dishes and remains a popular spot for locals.

7. Mill Street Bistro (Norwalk, Ohio):
Mill Street Bistro faced a significant transformation on Kitchen Nightmares. Under new ownership, the restaurant rebranded itself as “Maple City Tavern” and continues to serve customers in Norwalk.


1. What happened to most of the restaurants after Kitchen Nightmares?
Although Kitchen Nightmares aimed to help struggling restaurants, not all were able to sustain their success. Some closed shortly after the show, while others faced challenges that led to their closure in the following years.

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2. Are all the restaurants that are still open doing well?
While some restaurants are still open, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are thriving. The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and success depends on various factors such as location, management, and overall business strategies.

3. Did Gordon Ramsay save all the restaurants he visited?
Ramsay’s intervention and guidance certainly had a positive impact on many of the restaurants featured on the show. However, the ultimate success of the establishments depended on the owners’ ability to implement and sustain the changes made.

4. What were the common issues faced by the restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares?
Common issues included poor management, unsanitary conditions, outdated menus, lack of customer satisfaction, and financial mismanagement. Ramsay’s goal was to address these issues and help the owners overcome them.

5. How many seasons of Kitchen Nightmares were there?
Kitchen Nightmares aired for seven seasons, with the first episode premiering in 2007 and the final episode airing in 2014.

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6. Did all the restaurants featured on the show receive a makeover?
Not all restaurants received a physical makeover, as the focus was primarily on improving the quality of food, service, and overall operations. However, some establishments did undergo renovations to update their appearance.

7. Did any restaurants relapse after the show?
Unfortunately, some restaurants did relapse after the show due to various reasons such as reverting to old practices, financial difficulties, or being unable to adapt to the changing market demands.

In conclusion, while not all restaurants featured on Kitchen Nightmares were able to sustain their success, several establishments are still open today. These restaurants have managed to implement the changes suggested by Ramsay and continue to serve their customers with delicious cuisine. However, the restaurant industry is inherently challenging, and success depends on various factors beyond the intervention of a celebrity chef.

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