Weichert Home Warranty Company Review

Once a small office realty company, Weichert, founded in 1969, quickly became recognized as one of the most important homeownership services company in the United States. Their unique customer-oriented business model drives the success of the company and their employees. Today, Weichert offers a wealth of services, including a quality home protection plan.

Understanding Their Product

Out of the many services that Weichert provides homeowners, one of the most popular is their Home Protection Plan. Reason being, their Home Protection Plan is designed to not only repair any malfunctioning systems or appliances, if one is broken and beyond repair, Weichert will even replace it. According to their website, whether something like your dishwasher breaks or perhaps your water heater, Weichert’s plan covers the costs to repair or replace it.

The best part about purchasing a Weichert Home Protection Plan are the added benefits that come with it:

  • 24/7 customer service hotline.
  • All major appliances will be covered, age aside.
  • Peace of mind
  • Claim-No-Claim Feature

On top of this all, a Weichert Home Protection Plan is relatively cheaper than many other home warranties on the market. With a lower-than-average deductible, this warranty can help homeowners save money that is otherwise spent fixing, repairing, or on higher deductible/service fees.

Valuing a Warranty

Purchasing a home warranty can be a very exciting purchase; however, it’s important to always evaluate a warranty before signing any documents. You must ensure that the warranty company is placing your interests first. This includes having all major appliances and systems in your home covered, alongside the structural integrity of your home. Moreover, you should also make sure that the warranty does not come built with hidden fees or absurd service charges. The last step before signing any document is researching other warranty companies and making sure your quote is the best deal and offer.