UtiliPro Home Service Experts Home Warranty Company Review

UtiliPro Home Service Experts is one of the many different home warranty companies that are available in the United States. The company currently operates in Georgia and it is not made clear whether or not this company operates nationwide. They offer varying protection plans hoping to cover as many possible homeowners. Let’s see what they offer!

Understanding Their Products

  • Basic – $19.95

The basic plan from UtiliPro Home Service Experts is considered their entry level plan to the home warranty field. With this, you will receive covered for the most basic home appliances and services. This specifically includes your furnace, heat pump, and central air conditioner.

  • Core – $24.95

The Core Plan is a step up from the basic plan, including a bit more than one’s basic appliances and systems. According to their website, the following is what is considered important for “comfortable” living: central AC, water heater, heat pump, and furnace, plus 3 additional appliances.

  • Gold – $29.95

The Gold Plan is one of the most popular option since it offers coverage for over 8 different appliances and systems, alongside cheap costs. IF you purchase this plan, you will receive protection for your refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer, microwave, and even cooktop! This plan is specific for one’s kitchen or laundry room.

  • Ultimate – $33.95

The Ultimate Plan is a combination between the Core Plan and the Gold Plan. The only difference is that the Ultimate Home Warranty does not include coverage for your dishwasher or microwave. With that being said, you may need to purchase these as add-ons for your plan.

  • Platinum $39.95

The Platinum Plan is the best plan offered by UtiliPro Home Service Experts. This plan merges all of the other plans together, including near full-wide coverage. Those who do purchase than play may seek to purchase some add-ons for specialty appliances and/or systems.

Valuing Your Warranty

Before you are quick to pick one of UtiliPro Home Service Experts home warranties, it’s important to evaluate the quality of these plans. In this, we advise researching each plan and comparing the quotes that UtiliPro Home Service Experts provide with other home warranty companies. The goal is to find a company that offers the most coverage, cheapest service fees/charges, minimal deductible, and provides a wealth of benefit and resources.