U.S. Home Protective Association Home Warranty Company Review

U.S. Home Protective Association is a small premier home warranty company located in Ohio. The company is currently offering home warranty services to those that live in Ohio and Indiana. While they may not be popular or well-known, there services and benefits may shock you and worth your consideration over significantly larger corporate home warranty companies.

Understanding Their Services

U.S. Home Protective Association makes the entire process very easy for potential homeowners and sellers. In fact, if you visit their website, www.ushomewarranty.com, you will notice the simplicity of their brand by their website. The company currently is offering two different home warranty plans for buyers/sellers, and real estate agents.

  • Seller Coverage

Depending on whether you are looking in Ohio or Indiana, the Seller Coverage seems to offer the most vital systems and essential appliances that homeowners are looking for. In light of this, this home warranty plan will ensure that your property stays in tip-top shape, enhancing its marketability. For more details regarding this plan, U.S. Home Protective Association recommends that you read the Limited Home Service Contract.

  • Buyer Coverage

The Buyer Coverage provides everything that the Seller Coverage home warranty offers, and more. With this home warranty, it even includes more expensive appliances, like refrigerators, and more expensive systems, like your central AC and heating. It’s important to note that, if you are using a well pump or own a swimming pool, you may be interested in purchasing one of their additional coverage items.

Valuing Your Warranty

Before you are quick to purchase just any home warranty plan, it’s important to take the time to evaluate your options. You should look at picking a home warranty plan like shopping for a new pair of shoes. Before you do, you try on different shoes and figure out which not only looks the best, but feels the best; home warranties are no different! Take the time to figure out what home warranties are offering the best deals, which would entail minimal fees, comprehensive coverage, and great added benefits.