Total Home Protection Home Warranty Company Review

Total Home Protection is a home warranty coming hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania touting their service and products. In efforts to expand their reach and services, THS is consistently partnering with new contractors and other professionals in the real estate industry. This could be why THS offers some of the best and most comprehensive plans available in its class.

Understanding Their Services

Total Home Protection, in accordance to their website, provides both monthly and annual plans, both in effort to protect as many homeowners, regardless of their budget. Currently, homeowners may select from two different plans, both with comprehensive protection and coverage.

  • Gold
  • Platinum

As you may imagine the platinum plan will come with more coverage than the gold plan; however, they both come with all common appliances, including garage door openers, and even a whirlpool bath tub. If you do select Total Home Protection has your home warranty company, you can anticipate paying between $370-$500 for your premium. On top of this, you may also purchase add-on coverage options to add for better protection on appliances and systems.

Valuing Home Warranties

Prior to purchasing any home warranty for any company, it’s important to evaluate the home warranty policy. When it comes to THS, their home warranty policies do not change or vary depending on system or appliance age or condition. The best part about their plans is that when something cannot be fixed or repaired, the company will replace the broken piece in like-conditions. While this is great in valuing their home warranty, it’s important to remember the 30-day waiting period that comes with any home warranty policy. We highly advise anyone interested in Total Home Protection to question a representative regarding this policy.

Previous Home Warranty Consumers

According to their website, those who already purchased home warranty protection from previous companies will not need a home inspection in order to purchase THS products. Many previous consumers of THS have advised future consumers to take note of the condition of their home, systems, and appliances prior to purchasing any of their services. Reason being, in numerous reported cases, THS did not help or cover systems or appliances when broken down, causing for significant disputes and 1-star reviews.