Stanley Home Warranty Company Review

If there is a company that understands home warranties, it’s Stanley Home Warranty. For over 25 years, Stanley Home Warranty has been significant player in the industry across the entire United States. The company is known for their cost-friendly plans and customer satisfaction.

Understanding Their Products

We always like to inform readers to perform thorough research before selecting a plan that seems appealing. To make it easy for customers, Stanley Home Warranty offers four specific plans- all the plans range from least-coverage to most-coverage:

  • Bronze – this is known as the most basic or primitive plan. This bronze package only covers the base essentials.
  • Copper – this plan includes not only appliances but also major systems.
  • Silver – This option includes more coverage on major appliances and all major systems.
  • Gold – The gold plan is the pinnacle of the entire warranty company. Here customers will receive full coverage for appliances and systems in their home.

What was most intriguing about Stanley Home Warranty was that they do not charge deductible, or service fee, which is incredibly rare in this industry.

Benefits of Selecting Stanley Home Warranty

If you choose to join Stanley Home Warranty, there are a few benefits that you will unlock. First and foremost, customers will receive added appliance protection and even protection on assets. This is incredibly powerful because many other home warranty companies will force consumers to purchase add-on packages to receive this feature. With Stanley Home Warranty, it’s free! To continue, SHW will even help customers with credit restoration and offer discounts on their services and local shopping.

The best part about Stanley Home Warranty in terms of its benefits is the wealth of resources that can be found on their website. Stanley Home Warranty makes the entire process so much easy with their easy-to-use website and easy claim submission forms. You might even find some valuable information that may answer those questions you’ve been wondering.