Sentinel Home Warranty Company Review

Sentinel Home Warranty is an established home warranty company founded in 2009 by numerous professionals in the industry, all with well over 25 years’ experience. SHW is known for their customer-friendly business model and dedication to customer satisfaction with unique techniques and processes. The best part is the personal representative that each customer receives upon acceptance.

Understanding Their Services

In accordance to their website, Sentinel is currently marketing three separate plans, all with different variations and add-on options. Before we dive into the different plans, it’s important to visit Sentinel Home Warranty’s website if you are interested in any of the following plans. Their website is filled with a plethora of valuable and free information regarding these plans and more!

  • Club Plan Gold
  • Club Plan Silver
  • Club Plan Bronze

As you may presume, the quantity and quality of coverage will depreciate from Gold to Bronze; Club Plan Gold being the best coverage option and Club Plan Bronze offering the least amount of coverage. Currently, there is no pricing or estimates regarding any of these plans. On top of this, Sentinel Home Warranty will not charge any of their customers for service calls, repairs, or replacements, which may seem like a significant rarity, given the industry.

Additional Services and Opportunities

Sentinel Home Warranty is a unique home warranty company, which can attribute to the massive success of this company. Given their comprehensive plans and options, none of their home warranty plans come with a deductible. The moment you sign the contract, you will unlock access to a 24/7 customer service team waiting to answer your questions or respond to your claims. The best part is, there is no limit as to how many claims you may file in one year – again, another rarity! Our favorite part about Sentinel Home Warranty is their impressive website. Here, you will find some great information and access to file your own claims.