The Select Home Warranty Company’s website is very explicit in the limited information it provides. Most companies tend to misdirect the potential customer with such very specific lists of appliances and systems that their warranties cover. The real details that are relevant to the actual warranty coverage are in the specific contract between the buyer and the warrantor. Those details are the real guide to what the value of the warranty can bring to the homeowner, and they are not exactly highlighted.

Terms and Conditions That Govern the Relationship Between Homeowner and Warrantor

The Select Home Warranty does have a link on the bottom, in very small print, to the actual Terms and Conditions of their various warranty plans. There are three specific plans, with lists of which appliances and home systems are covered by the different plans, which also have different costs. There is an additional list of appliances and systems that can be added to any of the three options to cover those items and systems. The details of what parts of which appliances, HVAC systems and other household appliances are actually “covered” are in the Terms and Conditions and they make clear how little of the repair process actually ends up being “free.”

Lack of Control Over the Repair and Replacement Process

One thing that might keep some people away from Select Home Warranty is the fact that you don’t get to decide if a system or appliance should be repaired or replaced, the service technician does. That means a service provider could create a situation where they have to continuously come to your home to perform the same repairs. This isn’t a sure thing, but it’s something to keep in mind when considering the limitations of the service agreements offered by Select Home. Do your research and make sure you fully understand the terms of the service agreement before committing to anything.