Season 14 Hell’s Kitchen Where Are They Now

Season 14 of Hell’s Kitchen, the popular reality cooking show, premiered on March 3, 2015, and concluded on June 9, 2015. With its usual blend of intense culinary challenges and dramatic moments, the season introduced viewers to a group of talented and ambitious chefs who competed for the chance to become the head chef at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. So, where are they now, these chefs who battled it out in the Hell’s Kitchen pressure cooker? Let’s find out.

1. Meghan Gill: The winner of Season 14, Meghan Gill, has continued to build a successful career in the culinary industry. After her victory, she worked at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Las Vegas and later became the executive chef at Ocean Prime in Philadelphia.

2. T Gregoire: The runner-up of the season, T Gregoire, has gone on to work in various restaurants and upscale catering companies. She has also appeared as a guest chef in several events and cooking shows.

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3. Milly Medley: Milly Medley, known for his passion and determination, has been working as a private chef and has made several television appearances, showcasing his culinary skills.

4. Nick Peters Bond: Nick Peters Bond, with his creativity and innovative approach, has been working as a private chef and consultant. He has also collaborated with various food and beverage companies.

5. Michelle Tribble: Michelle Tribble, a strong competitor throughout the season, has been working as a private chef and has participated in cooking competitions, including winning Season 17 of Hell’s Kitchen: All-Stars.

6. Randy Bell: Randy Bell, known for his southern-inspired dishes, has continued to pursue his culinary career. He has worked in several restaurants and has been involved in various food-related ventures.

7. Mieka Houser: Mieka Houser has made a name for herself in the culinary world since her appearance on Hell’s Kitchen. She has worked in different restaurants and has participated in various cooking competitions.


1. Did any of the Season 14 chefs open their own restaurants?
No, none of the Season 14 chefs have opened their own restaurants as of now, but many of them have achieved success in their culinary careers working in established restaurants.

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2. Have any of the contestants appeared in other cooking shows?
Yes, some of the contestants from Season 14 have appeared as guest chefs in other cooking shows, showcasing their skills and knowledge in the culinary field.

3. Did any of the chefs receive additional training after the show?
While it is unclear if all the chefs received additional training after the show, many of them continued to work in the industry, gaining valuable experience and honing their culinary skills.

4. Have any of the contestants won other cooking competitions?
Yes, Michelle Tribble, the runner-up of Season 14, went on to win Season 17 of Hell’s Kitchen: All-Stars, proving her culinary prowess and determination.

5. Are any of the chefs involved in charity work?
While there is no specific information regarding their involvement in charity work, many chefs often participate in charitable events and use their culinary skills to contribute to various causes.

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6. Did any of the contestants write cookbooks?
As of now, none of the Season 14 contestants have written cookbooks. However, some chefs do choose to share their recipes and culinary expertise through books in the future.

7. Did any of the chefs pursue careers outside of the culinary industry?
There is no evidence to suggest that any of the Season 14 chefs have pursued careers outside of the culinary industry. They have primarily focused on their culinary careers and building their reputation in the field.

In conclusion, the chefs from Season 14 of Hell’s Kitchen have continued to make their mark in the culinary industry. Whether by working in renowned restaurants, participating in cooking competitions, or showcasing their skills on television, these talented chefs have proven that the intense pressure of Hell’s Kitchen was just the beginning of their culinary journeys.

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