Sears Home Warranty may be one of the more transparent and reliable warranties in the market. Most of the home warranties on the market tend to misdirect the potential customer with the very specific lists of appliances and systems that their warranties cover. The information they tend to leave out is the specifics of the limitations, exclusions, deductions and caps that are very well defined on the Sears website for the warranty.

Longevity and Security of the Sears Warranty

The Sears company has broad interests and a long history. One of the major focuses of home warranties is the coverage they provide for your vital appliances. That makes it advantageous to have a company with a long knowledge and history of working with major home appliances like stoves, refrigerators, HVAC units, and more. Such a large company as Sears gives the impression that their expertise in appliances and all aspects of homebuilding would make them a reliable warrantor.

The General Value of a Home Warranty to the Individual Homeowner

Assessing the specific value of the home warranty to any one particular homeowner is a complicated process. The condition of the systems and appliances in your home must be at least functional for them to be considered as covered. There are deductibles and caps to consider. Figuring out what the relative lifespan of your major home systems and the chance of the warranty paying off is based in what services your home needs. The illusion that the warranty means you will spend no money when an emergency arises is just that – an illusion. There is a 30 day waiting period for claims, so having the upfront money for service fees and elements of the repair that are not covered is still necessary, which may be a major downside if you’re looking into home warranties because you lack cash on hand.