The Ryan Home Warranty is connected specifically the Ryan Homes, a home building company that provides a home warranty for their properties. This is part of the service they provide to new homeowners. The convenience of the combined services that the Ryan Homes provides should appeal to new homeowners who feel overwhelmed by the process of buying a home. However, the singular nature of the company that builds and services the homeowner completely makes a very dependent relationship. There is no chance to compare what different experts might think about any of the appliances or systems in your home. The original builder makes all the choices and then theoretically backs up those choices with the warranty that they offer. However, the warranty that comes with the new home is not administered by Ryan Homes but by NVR.

The Contracted and the Subcontracted

The actual terms of the various warranties are never made clear on the website. It is even unclear whether the warranty is offered as part of the price of the home or whether different levels of coverage require different prices. Their lack of commitment to the warranty is made clear on Ryan Homes’ website, which states: “The information as to the different warranties provided by NVR to its customers and readers of this website is believed to be accurate and truthful, but it is only for illustrative purposes and is subject to change and modification at any time. The warranties to be provided to new NVR customers are time and home and geographic specific and may be different from those shown on this website.”

For the Inexperienced Home Buyer

The limitations and exclusions of home warranties are legion and impossible to list here. The absence of any details or specific terms and conditions with regard to the warranty speak to its real purpose. It is a safety net for the insecure and unsure buyer who feels that they do not have the expertise or judgement to choose their own systems and appliances or to service them.