Residential Warranty Services Home Warranty Company Review

Residential Warranty Services Inc. is a home warranty company that offers home warranties nationwide. The company was founded in 1988 and is known as one of the cheapest home warranty companies in the United States. The company touts their impressive comprehensive plans, including nearly full-wide coverage for homeowners. The best part is they sell a 100% satisfaction guarantee plan, which is quite rare in this market.

Understanding Their Product

Residential Warranty Services, Inc. is currently selling two different home warranty services, giving home owners the opportunity to pick a plan that best suits them. Prior to jumping into the details about their products, we would like to encourage anyone interested in these services to visit for more information and details on how to purchase them. From there, you will be guided to request a quote or apply. Here are the two different plans to chose from:

  • Simple

The Simple Home Warranty Policy was founded on the idea that, through purchasing this policy, homeowners are “simply covered”. This policy is known to be one of the widest coverage plans available in its class. It’s important to state that, in order to purchase the Simple Plan, any appliances or systems will not be added to the warranty if there are preexisting conditions. Aside from this, what is most interesting is their best coverage guaranteed. Pricing of this plan will vary depending on the size of your home.

  • The Advantage Plan

Residential Warranty Services Inc. seeks to cover as many homeowners as possible. The Advantage Plan is meant to provide coverage for all of those appliances and services the other companies refuse to cover or charge too much for. With RWS on your side, when an appliance or system breaks down, you are guaranteed their team of experts to repair or replace it.

Valuing a Warranty

Before you purchase either of the two plans from Residential Warranty Services Inc, we encourage all homeowners to do thorough research investigating warranties. This would entail a proper comparison between other quotes and companies, ensuring all major appliances and systems are included, minimal service fees, and a minimal deductible. Your best interests should always come first!