Quality Builders Homebuyers Home Warranty Company Review

Quality Builders is a nationwide warranty company, offering both warranties for homebuyers and builders. Given the rigorous approval process, Quality Builders has been named one of the most prized warranty programs and companies in the nation. To support their claims, Liberty Mutual has partnered with this company, solidifying their argument as the best warranty company, making it the ONLY warranty company with an insurance backing.

Understanding Their Product

Quality Builders offers two different degrees of warranties: homebuyers and builders. For the sake of this article, we are going to focus more on homebuyers; however, if you are interested in the builder’s warranty, please visit their website at www.qbwc.com. Moreover, Quality Builder’s Homebuyers Home Warranty is a comprehensive 10-year plan offering the absolute best possible coverage.

A typical 10-year plan, according to their website may look like this:

  • First Year Coverage

With the first year of your 10-year plan, any workmanship or material defects, or other structural defects, are covered by the warranty.

  • Second Year Coverage

In the second year, the home warranty plan covers any wiring, piping, or duct work defects.

  • Third-Ten Year Coverage

After first and second year, any major defects that your home may incur will be repaired or replaced.

Aside from the Premier Protection Plan, QBW also provides homeowners with the green warranty option. This is specifically designed for homebuyers or owners that own a certified energy-efficient home. For more information on this plan, contact one of Quality Builders representatives.

Benefits of a Home Warranty

Purchasing a builders or homebuyers warranty can be one of the most cost-conscious decisions that anyone can make. The reality is, if you are not prepared, any minor defects or broken systems in a home can be extremely costly, all of which can be prevented. On top of this, such warranty plans are designed to help builders and homebuyers fix, repair, or replace any damaged areas quickly, without any financial damage. With typically cheaper deductibles, warranties are proven to be quite effective. With Quality Builders Homebuyers Home Warranty, you also have the hidden benefit of the discounts offered by Liberty Mutual. In light of this, the company discusses many of these discounts and benefits on their website.