Pulte Home Warranty Company Review

Pulte Homes is a reputable company known for their stylish and impressive home designs. In light of this, every builder knows that, in order to properly and safely build a home, one must also purchase a home warranty as well. Pulte Homes stands not only to help build your home, but also protect it. If you are a builder seeking a great company or home warranty, Pulte Homes may be perfect for you.

Understanding the 10-Year Warranty

Pulte Homes is dedicated to designing the safest homes alongside the most comprehensive and best warranty coverage. In light of this, Pulte Homes, like many other builder home warranty programs, offers a 10-year coverage plan. This comprehensive plan offers evolving coverage that alters with each year that passes. If you are new to the industry, this structure is quite typical of extensive warranty programs.

For Pulte Homes, their 10-Year Warranty is structure as following in accordance to their website.

  • 1 Year Coverage

The first year of the ten-year plan covers specifically the materials and workmanship of Pulte Homes. IF anything should go wrong due to the materials or workmanship of this company, they will help repair or replace the damage, in accordance to the contractual agreement.

  • 2 Year Coverage

For two years, Pulte Homes will cover the costs and repairs of the prominent systems in your home, including plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and any other major systems dictated in your contractual agreement.

  • 5 Year Coverage

By the fifth year, the builder or homeowner should be clear as to the quality and integrity of the hoe. In light of this, should anything go wrong with the water systems in the home, it’s covered for up to five years.

  • 10 Year Coverage

For the duration of the 10-Year Warranty, Pulte Homes will cover the entire structural integrity. In other words, should anything happen to the structure of a home, the company will replace or repair the costs.