Progressive and Pacific Home Warranty Company Review
Progressive and Pacific Home Warranty Company Review

Progressive and Pacific Home Warranty boast over 10 years’ experience in one of the most complex industries. At that time, Roberta Garritty desired to create a home warranty company that made the insurance industry fun again. To do this, Progressive and Pacific Home Warranty empower homeowners and home builders with a list of promises and what they can expect from their valued partnership with their company. You might be asking – what can you expect? Nothing but the best from Progressive and Pacific Home Warranty!

Understanding Their Product

Progressive and Pacific Home Warranty is known for their two services or products: home warranties for both home owners and home builders. When you decide to partner with this company for your home warranty, PPHW guarantees the best possible service and protection for your home. They understand that purchasing a home warranty can be a significant financial investment and, in light of this, they are committed to protection your expensive appliances and systems. To understand their product or service, in accordance to their website, it can be understood from three simply concepts:

  • Great Home

PPHW wants each warranty holder to know their home will be treated and valued with highest level of quality and dedication. In fact, the company touts on their website that your home, under their warranty, will be that perfect home you’ve always wanted.

  • Quality Builder

PPHW only seeks to work with the highest quality builders and contractors. So, if you choose their services, you will have access to their esteemed workers that can fix any problem in your home.

  • Excellence

The most prized aspect of PPHW’s services is their excellence in service. Progressive and Pacific Home Warranty are known for their customer service and they want you to know it. If there is a problem in your home, they will find the solution.

Great Value for Home Owners and Builders

Home warranties are one of the best solutions to having to pay for an expensive repair bill. Maintenance costs can do more damage to one’s personal finances than one imagines. So, given the great value of Progressive and Pacific Home Warranty, let the experts take care of the repairs and costs. These warranties provide each home owner and builder with the total peace of mind, without thinking twice about something breaking or needing to be replaced. Given the valuable customer service and dedication to their customers, Progressive and Pacific Home Warranty is worth your consideration.