Professional Warranty Services is a company that provides a warranty for homeowners and homebuilders to cover the cost of major home repairs associated with newly purchased homes. They do seem to realize that their service is much more attractive to real estate agents, property managers and home builders, rather than individual home owners. Any individual homeowner who read the service agreement realizes that the contract has many exceptions, conditions and limitations to its coverage for appliances breaking down or major home system failures. The number of other contracts and details to absorb at a closing make it very unlikely that the details of the home warranty that are only available in the very legal-ese service agreement will even be reviewed before purchase.

Shaping the Warranty to the Seller’s Closing Process

The Professional Warranty Services Corporation offers to help integrate the home warranty service into the process of buying the home. Home builders can get guidance on how to structure the sale with the warranty included in all the paperwork associated with the sale. This integration make the process of selling the warranty easier on both the homebuyer and the seller. Adding a home warranty as a separate process makes its purchase much more prominent and less likely to happen. The seller is well protected if the buyer purchases the warranty. Complaints or issues about the quality or condition of major home systems and appliances are postsale are directed at the warranty company rather than the seller.

A Longer and More Comprehensive Approach

The PWSC warranties are designed to provide more comprehensive coverage than most short term warranties. The breadth of coverage and the length of time are both expanded to provide a more thorough form of protection than just some appliances or a few home systems like the HVAC. The value of such protection is to be found in the specific terms and conditions under which it can be used. PWSC is a company that has a large national base and seems to be well positioned to provide secure coverage over time