ORA Home Warranty Company Review

ORA, or Ohio Referral Association Agency, Inc. is a home warranty service provider that boasts over 20 years of experience in the home warranty, real-estate, and insurance industry. The company has helped not only homeowners but also homebuyers, sellers, mortgage companies and even relators. They are best known for their comprehensive home warranty coverage and protection.

Understanding Their Products

Prior to jumping into the specific products that ORA, or Ohio Referral Association Agency, Inc., offers, we highly advise anyone interested in home warranties to visit www.orawarranty.com. Reason being, this company has spent quality time providing a wealth of important information for new-warranty buyers. If you are wondering or curious about how home warranties work, ORA will answer any and all of your questions on their website.

ORA offers two different home warranty services:

  • ORA Preferred Plus Home Warranty

This plan is the best coverage option from ORA. If you are looking for a home warranty service that covers and protects almost every single major appliance and system in your home, this warranty is best for you. The Preferred Plus option also comes with a wide variety of add-on items, giving home buyers and sellers some extra protection.

  • ORA Preferred Warranty

The ORA Preferred Warranty is like a baby-version of the Preferred Plus Home Warranty. If you are not looking to spend a lot of money but are still seeking quality protection and coverage, the ORA Preferred Warranty Home Warranty is better for you. In this plan, the main appliances and systems will be covered, alongside a small variety of add-on items.

Valuing a Warranty

Before purchasing a warranty with any home warranty service company, it’s important to evaluate the quality of a warranty. While it may seem like common sense, may home buyers or sellers tend to purchase what appeals rather than what places their best interests first. So, before you purchase just any warranty, compare different companies, pay close attention to the coverage and protection items, and, most importantly, the fees and hidden charges.