This company has some of the worst customer reviews in an industry that really gets a lot of bad reviews. There is very little sign of any satisfied customer and many of their complaints are predictable, given the nature of their specific terms in their service agreement. The main complaint by their customers is that their service providers are abysmal and unprofessional. Secondly, they seem to suggest that the company is very good at evading their responsibilities and avoid approving expenditures based on their list of exclusions and limitations and conditions in the fine print of their contract.

Worst Example of a Home Warranty Company

Nations Home Warranty is the poster child for most of the home warranty objections that are described in professional reviews as well. Home warranties are pitched by preying on the fears of a large repair bill. The number of systems in your house that you couldn’t fix yourself has multiplied over time. If nothing else the warranty claims to offer people the “peace of mind” that if a system breaks you can get it repaired or replaced without having to bear the financial burden in the moment. But the number of exceptions, loopholes, conditions and limitations make it seem unlikely that such a warranty is a good investment.

Great for Home Sellers; Bad for Homeowners

Also, the home warranty’s appeal is pretty much restricted to real estate agents, property managers and individual home sellers. However, when large property management systems offer a warranty as part of the purchase of a new home, it makes the investment seem safer, since all big replacement and repair bills are theoretically covered through the first year of ownership. The chances that the purchasing customer will not read the actual details of the specific contract are high. Prospective buyers are relieved to hear that there is some protection from big expenses that they can’t anticipate, especially if the dwelling is not brand new.