KB Home Warranty Company Review

Since 1957, KB Homes has helped well over 550,000 families across the United States by building structural sound and beautiful homes. Purchasing a KB Home ensures you the highest quality home, given their dedication to the best materials and designs. The best part about KB Home is the protection they provide with their home warranty.

Understanding Their Product

KB Home is a home building company that will not only construct your next home but also guarantee its protection. This begins with their dedication to the highest-quality materials, appliances, and systems. In light of this, to ensure all of the appliances and systems in your brand-new home last their lifetime, KB Home offers a very special 10-Year Limited Warranty.  Over the course of 10 years, if you should ever experience any significant problems with your home, including appliances, systems, or the structural integrity of the home, KB Home is awaiting your service claim. The only word of caution to mention regarding KB Home is that they do not offer ample information for potential homeowners regarding the specifics on coverage or fees on this. We encourage anyone interested in KB Home services to inquire more information before submitting any requests! This brings us to our next point, valuing a warranty.

Valuing a Warranty

In the insurance industry, there are dozens upon dozens of different home warranties to pick from, making it quite overwhelming. In light of this, we cannot stress the importance of evaluating the quality of a warranty before applying or purchasing it. Reason being, in many cases, if you are not performing proper research, there is always a better deal out there to be found. When picking and evaluating the effectiveness of a warranty, reflect back to the specific items covered in the policy, the coverage amount, specific fees, and any hidden items in the fine print.