How to Relight Gas Fireplace Pilot Light

How to Relight Gas Fireplace Pilot Light

A gas fireplace can be a cozy addition to any home, providing warmth and ambiance during the colder months. However, if the pilot light goes out, it can be a bit frustrating to relight it. Don’t worry though, relighting the pilot light is a relatively simple task that you can do on your own. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to relight your gas fireplace pilot light.

Step 1: Safety First
Before attempting to relight the pilot light, make sure to turn off the gas supply valve located near the fireplace. This valve is typically a lever or a knob that you can turn to the “off” position. Additionally, ensure that the fireplace is completely cool before proceeding.

Step 2: Locate the Pilot Light Assembly
The pilot light assembly is usually located near the bottom of the fireplace, behind a small access panel. Remove the access panel to reveal the pilot light assembly.

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Step 3: Turn the Control Knob to Pilot
Once you have access to the pilot light assembly, locate the control knob. Turn the knob to the “pilot” position.

Step 4: Press and Hold the Control Knob
While holding the control knob in the “pilot” position, press the ignition button on the fireplace repeatedly until the pilot ignites. This may take a few tries, so be patient. Once the pilot ignites, continue to hold the control knob for about 30 seconds before releasing it.

Step 5: Turn the Control Knob to On
After releasing the control knob, turn it to the “on” position. This will allow the gas to flow to the main burner, and your fireplace should now be fully operational.

Step 6: Replace the Access Panel
Once you have successfully relit the pilot light and ensured that the main burner is working, replace the access panel securely.


1. Why did my gas fireplace pilot light go out?
There are several possible reasons for a pilot light going out, including a strong draft, a malfunctioning thermocouple, or a gas supply issue.

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2. How often should I relight my gas fireplace pilot light?
Ideally, your pilot light should stay lit throughout the heating season. However, if it frequently goes out, it is recommended to have a professional inspect and service your fireplace.

3. Can I relight the pilot light if I smell gas?
No, if you smell gas, it is crucial to evacuate your home immediately and contact your gas provider. Do not attempt to relight the pilot light until a professional has inspected and resolved the issue.

4. How do I know if the thermocouple is faulty?
If the pilot light goes out immediately after releasing the control knob or fails to stay lit, it could indicate a faulty thermocouple. A thermocouple is a safety device that senses the pilot flame. If it is not functioning correctly, it may need to be replaced.

5. Why is it important to turn off the gas supply valve before relighting the pilot light?
Turning off the gas supply valve ensures that there is no gas flowing to the fireplace, minimizing the risk of a gas leak or fire hazard.

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6. Can I use a lighter or match to relight the pilot light?
No, it is recommended to use the built-in ignition button on your fireplace to relight the pilot light. Using a lighter or match can be dangerous and may cause an explosion.

7. Should I clean the pilot light assembly regularly?
Yes, it is a good idea to clean the pilot light assembly periodically to remove any dust or debris that may accumulate over time. A clean assembly can help ensure the pilot light ignites smoothly and stays lit.

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