How Much Is a Dinner at the Lost Kitchen

How Much Is a Dinner at the Lost Kitchen?

The Lost Kitchen, located in Freedom, Maine, has become one of the most sought-after dining experiences in the United States. With its rustic charm, farm-to-table cuisine, and unique reservation system, it has captured the attention of food enthusiasts from around the world. But how much does it cost to dine at The Lost Kitchen? Let’s explore the pricing and some frequently asked questions about this extraordinary dining establishment.

The Lost Kitchen offers a prix fixe menu, which means that guests are served a multi-course meal for a set price. As of 2021, the price per person at The Lost Kitchen is $225, excluding tax, gratuity, and beverages. This might seem steep compared to your average restaurant, but the experience and quality of the food make it well worth the price.

Now, let’s address some common questions about dining at The Lost Kitchen:

1. How do I make a reservation?
Reservations at The Lost Kitchen are made through a lottery system. The restaurant begins accepting reservation requests in early April for the upcoming season. Interested diners can submit their information online, and lucky winners are randomly selected to secure a reservation.

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2. What is included in the prix fixe menu?
The prix fixe menu at The Lost Kitchen includes a variety of dishes that showcase the finest ingredients from local farms and producers. The menu changes with the seasons, but expect indulgent creations that highlight the flavors of Maine.

3. Are dietary restrictions and allergies accommodated?
Yes, The Lost Kitchen is known for accommodating dietary restrictions and allergies. When making a reservation, guests can inform the restaurant of any specific dietary needs, and the talented chefs will create a customized menu accordingly.

4. Can I bring my own wine?
The Lost Kitchen has an extensive wine list featuring carefully selected options to complement the menu. However, if you have a special bottle you would like to bring, the restaurant allows corkage for a fee of $35 per bottle.

5. Can I take a tour of the kitchen?
While the restaurant’s name may suggest a hidden location, unfortunately, tours of the kitchen are not available. The focus at The Lost Kitchen is on providing an intimate dining experience rather than showcasing the behind-the-scenes operations.

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6. Is there a dress code?
The Lost Kitchen has a casual and rustic atmosphere, and guests are encouraged to dress comfortably. While there is no strict dress code, most visitors opt for smart-casual attire.

7. Can I purchase gift certificates?
Yes, The Lost Kitchen offers gift certificates, which make for a memorable and unique present for food lovers. Gift certificates can be purchased online and can be used towards the cost of a meal at the restaurant.

In conclusion, a dinner at The Lost Kitchen is an exceptional culinary experience that comes with a price tag of $225 per person, excluding tax, gratuity, and beverages. The restaurant’s unique reservation system, commitment to local ingredients, and accommodating nature make it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts. Plan ahead, enter the lottery, and prepare to be enchanted by the flavors and ambiance of The Lost Kitchen.

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