The Home Service Club is a home warranty company that offers to cover the repairs and expenses associated with replacement of home appliances and mechanical systems. They do not require that you have a home inspection to cover these items, however no pre-existing condition issues are covered. The issue of pre-existing conditions is across most home warranties and is usually very carefully defined under the Terms and Conditions of your particular service agreement. Although the website gives the impression that you will never pay for a repair on covered items during the span of the warranty, the fact that most plans have deductibles and caps as well as required fees for each service visit or repair.

Why a Home Warranty?

The Home Service Club offers several different plans, each offering to cover an array of home mechanical systems and appliances. Home warranties are pitched by relying on the fears of a large repair bill. The number of systems in your house that you couldn’t fix yourself has multiplied over time. If nothing else a warranty offers people the peace of mind that if a system breaks you can get it repaired or replaced without having to bear the financial burden in the moment. The Home Service Club has a huge and thorough list of all sorts of appliances and systems, as well as a list of less frequently covered items that can be added to one of their basic plans.

The Devil is in the Details

It is enormously instructive to read all of the different plans and their inclusions. The more elaborate plans make clear how little the standard plans really do cover. For example it is not until you read the most comprehensive plan do you realize that standard plans may cover your roof, but not the framing of your roof. Your faucet is covered, but the water line from the inside of the house is not covered.