Home Protect Home Warranty is probably worth avoiding even more than most home warranty companies. It is important to understand that a home warranty is not the same as homeowner’s insurance. It is more like a service contract with a company that will decide who will assess and repair or replace some of your appliances and major household systems like heating and cooling. It is limited to a year by year arrangement, repairs and replacements only enjoy a 6 month warranty.

Guarantees for the Real Estates, Contractors and Property Managers

This type of warranty is really more attractive to home sellers than home buyers because it frees the seller for responsibility for the quality of those systems and appliances. However, when large property management systems offer a warranty as part of the purchase of a new home, it makes the investment seem safer, since all big replacement and repair bills are theoretically covered through the first year of ownership. The number of systems in your house that you couldn’t fix yourself has multiplied over time. If nothing else a warranty offers people the peace of mind that if a system breaks you can get it repaired or replaced without having to bear the financial burden in the moment.

So Many Limitations….So Little Time

One thing that gives us pause in recommending Home Protect is the fact that their contracts and service agreements carry more exclusions and limitations than many of the other home warranty companies we’ve looked at. This can work out in the home owner’s favor if the contracts and options offered match closely with gaps in their home owner’s insurance policy, but otherwise are a good reason to look elsewhere for home warranty options and services. As with any service agreement, it’s important that you understand exactly what is and isn’t covered before you pay any money or make any commitment.