The Home Depot Warranty enjoys the very broad backing of the entire Home Depot Company. The size of their interests alone makes it easy for them to offer a better home warranty services contract than much smaller companies could offer. Also, their access to wholesale materials must make it much easier to make their warranty competitive with any other company. Most companies point out that homeowners don’t know which ones are legitimate service providers, so this network of contractors and technicians saves home owners time and money on research and bad service.

No Service Fee Means Big Bonus Points

Here again Home Depot enjoys a huge advantage. Their knowledge of local contractors across the country positions them well to choose service providers who are reputable and reliable. They uniquely provide a service that does not require a service fee. This is an unusual and rare feature of their particular home warranty. The other feature that is helpful is the number of Home Depot stores, even in remote and rural areas. As a result, they likely offer better coverage than many other home warranty options, and are able to reach more customers while providing an effective and quality service. This means that home owners everywhere can take advantage of the value provided by a Home Depot Home Warranty.

Potential for Quality Repair Services

The quality of service seems to vary radically across systems, since the quality of their service providers seems vary dramatically. Reading the customer ratings of these services across companies make it obvious that where you are matters considerably as to the value of their service. Some places have great providers, others are terrible. It seems prudent to research thoroughly your local service providers that are associated with the plan to decide if there is any way this purchase could pay off in your favor.