This company is an example of a company that builds houses, sells house and warranties their work. This seems like an ideal arrangement in many ways, at least as far as continuity of service goes. It is important to understand that a home warranty is not the same as homeowner’s insurance. In fact, warranties exclude coverage on any damage that is already covered by the homeowner’s insurance. However, they also cover things not covered under home owners insurance policies, making them a valuable option depending on your situation.

Comprehensive and Continuous

Because Highland is also the builder, they argue they are the best to fix problems in your new home. Highland Home Warranties have the advantage of all repairs and issues being handled by the same company. However, the opportunities for an outside opinion or an outside assessment are very limited. The comprehensive quality of the process can be appealing, but also leaves one without options if there is a disagreement with the original builder, contractor or warrantor. If you’re comfortable with Highland Home’s overall service and quality, than their comprehensive and continuous coverage will certainly be appealing.

Experience and Trust

One of the best things about Highland Home’s model for customers is that the company will have access to the people who constructed the home. That means they will be able to recall any specific issues that might have interfered with the construction, or complicated the home during building. As a result, they will likely be able to identify the source of any problem you’re having in a rapid and timely fashion, allowing you to get your home repaired faster. Moreover, their knowledge of your specific house means the repairs are more likely to fit in, and will likely be executed with the utmost professionalism. If you’re buying a Highland home, you should consider the warranty and the value it offers against your homeowner’s insurance.