Helping American Homeowners Association Home Warranty Company Review

Helping American Homeowners Association is a home service organization that offers unique home warranty options, alongside great benefits and resources. With over six years in the industry, HAHA has developed a reputation in the industry as one of the five-start home warranty companies in the United States.

Understanding Their Products

Helping American Homeowners Association is not like many other home service organization or companies. In fact, HAHA does not offer a typical home warranty service, which is what some people may be expecting. Each of the following plans are designed to help save you money and provide some unique benefits that other companies otherwise leave out. Helping American Homeowners Association offers home warranty programs in the following formats:

  • Electric
  • General Appliances
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing

The best part of any of these plans are the benefits that you receive from joining the HAHA family. For example, members will receive 10% rebates on home maintenance, discounts at local diners, and even private access to the best contractors from Helping American Homeowners Association. With no fees or charges and 24/7 hotline, HAHA is definitely a home warranty option!

Valuing Home Warranties

If you are interested in purchasing a home warranty service from Helping American Homeowners Association, it’s important that, before you do, you evaluate the quality of the warranty. This is true for ANY home warranty company. You want to make sure that the warranty offers and meets your every need, including any possible systems or appliances. A quality warranty should include your appliances and systems – you should not purchase any additional coverages. Another key indicator to always look out for is home warranties that charge absurd service or calling charges. Be sure to do thorough research and compare these prices before signing off on any contract.