Globe Home Protection is a large, national company that advertises its warranty as a tool to attract home buyers. They have a very sophisticated website, and there is a decent amount of specific information available about the items covered. The main thrust of their service is that a buyer is more likely to be interested in a home that has a home warranty policy that covers the major systems and appliances in their new home, which means that their services are mostly targeted at sellers.

A Unique Perk

Globe Home Protection offers three different levels of service. There most expensive and comprehensive policy does something no other company offers – they will cover preexisting conditions. It is important to understand that a home warranty is not the same as homeowner’s insurance. In fact, most warranties exclude coverage on any damage that is already covered by the homeowner’s insurance.  Also, they are not designed to cover pre-existing conditions or to remedy building code violations, and they are usually short term agreements only lasting a year. This makes Globe’s offer to cover pre-existing home conditions a unique value in a market that frequently will find ways to avoid paying out if at all possible.

Peace of Mind for Homeowners

One of the best things about home warranties is that they offer peace of mind to home owners and home buyers. Feeling confident that your major systems and structures are protected against the worst will put many nervous home owners and buyers at ease. However, as will all products, it’s important to understand the details of your agreement with the company. That’s why anyone interested in a home warranty should take extra care to review the terms of the agreement so that they can fully understand the services they are purchasing. This is especially true when a company offers different coverage options like Globe does. Make sure you’re selecting the option that covers the things you need protected most when choosing between the different plans.