Global Home USA Home Warranty Company Review

Global Home USA is a home warranty service company that has been helping homeowners and sellers for over 20 years. The company itself is owned by a larger and more prominent warranty company, Warranty Global Group, Inc. Whether you are a buyer or sell, Global Home USA home warranty packages are comprehensive and considered one of the best all-in-one packages.

Understanding Their Services

Finding a home warranty that suits your home can be quite difficult, knowing there is dozens upon dozens of different companies and thousands of different home warranty options. Global Home USA Warranty seeks to make the entire process much easier with three comprehensive options. In light of this, before we discuss these plans, we would like to inform any interested sellers or buyers to visit the company’s website for any changes or to get a quote.

The Three Plans:

  • Gold – $100 Service Call Fee

The gold package, despite its name, is the cheapest home warranty service offered by Global Home USA. Here, you can anticipate your basic systems and appliances protected. This includes air, heat, water, and even sump pumps.

  • Platinum – $75 Service Call Fee

The Platinum Home Warranty Plan is the step above the Gold Home Warranty Plan, offering wider protection and coverage, including trash compactors, shower heads, and even geothermal HVAC, which is included from the Gold Package. You can also anticipate paying a $70 home inspection fee and a few other nominal charges.

  • Elite – $60 Service Call Fee

The Elite Home Warranty Package is the most comprehensive plan offered by Global Home USA. This warranty includes everything in the Gold and Platinum package, plus more. With this plan, electronic air filters, door bells, hydro jetting, and even smoke detectors are covered. While Gold and Platinum consumers must purchase garage door openers and washer/dryer as an add-on Elite Members get this feature included. If we did not mention yet, Elite Members do not need to pay for a home inspection fee either!