Fidelity is a home warranty company that has made bold moves toward much larger clientele than individual homeowners. Their website is divided by the type of customer who might be interested in their services. So they have tailored their descriptions of the benefits of their services to real estate agents, contractors, property managers and finally individual homeowners. They claim that houses with home warranties sell more quickly and sell closer to their asking prices than those without warranties.

Fidelity’s A Big Player

Fidelity’s policy is unique in one aspect; they offer 13 consecutive months of coverage for one annual fee. Many of the other policies we have reviewed are very short term, even monthly, however, Fidelity offers over a year of security. This means that they are going to an extra effort to make their product work for the consumer, and shows that they have the potential to provide more value to those who are interested in home warranties. If you’re considering a home warranty, you should look into Fidelity and see if they match your particular needs.

Flexible Services Get Extra Points

We do give fidelity some extra points for the flexibility of their service and the ease of use of their website. Being able to find the category of products that you are especially interested in, and find them quickly can make all the difference in the world to a home owner. Moreover, this level of organization shows that they have well thought-out concepts for doing business, which indicates a level of professionalism, service, and care that many other companies may be lacking. The result is a better experience for the customer, no matter what kind of customer you are. Check Fidelity National Home Warranties out if you are considering a home warranty product. At the very least, they’ll give you a good idea of what kind of products and comparisons you should be making.