Edina Realty Home Warranty Company Review

Edina Realty is a realty agency that has recently partnered with one of the largest home warranty companies in the country to offer the most comprehensive plans, HSA Home Warranty. These plans are designed specifically to minimize the high costs typically associated with repairs and replacements for appliances. These plans typically range from $465-$485 with service fees ranging between $75-$100.

Understanding Their Services

Edina Realty offers both seller and buyer home warranty coverage. These comprehensive plans include the most vital systems, including:

  • Central Air and Heat
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing
  • Water Heater
  • Sump Pump

As far as appliances go, Edina Realty Home Warranty plans will cover the most essential appliances, like refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves. An additional service that ER offers specifically for buyers is roof and foundation coverage, which is quite rare in the home warranty industry. Given the unique nature of these products and services, we highly advise all interested consumers to visit www.edinarealty.com for more information regarding home warranties.

Benefits of Home Warranties

Home Warranties can be some of the most beneficial and financially saving services that homeowners, buyers, and sellers can purchase. With that being said, we thought we would share a few benefits that come alongside a home warranty service.

  1. In the event an appliance breaks down and can’t be repaired, a home warranty service will cover or even replace the appliance.
  2. Home Warranty companies typically offer 24/7 service, making it easy for those random questions that come at 2 AM.
  3. A comprehensive home warranty plan can give a homeowner or seller the peace of mind they need.
  4. Home Warranties are relatively inexpensive, given the extraordinary savings they may provide if an expensive appliance or system breaks.
  5. In the insurance industry, Home Warranties may be considered the cheapest deductible, where some companies even have a $0 deductible.