Dr. Horton Home Warranty Company Review

35 years ago, the Dr. Horton America’s Builder iconic company was established in efforts to make future homeowner’s dreams a reality. Since then, Dr. Horton America’s Builder has helped over 600,000 homeowners build their dream home, effectively making this company the #1 home builder since 2002! The best part about Dr. Horton’s company is the home warranty and security for your new dream home.

Understanding Their Product

Purchasing or building your dream home is literally a dream coming to fruition. To ensure that your dream hope stays in tip-top shape, Dr. Horton America’s Builder offers a robust home warranty to protect your home’s appliances, systems, and structure. This is a typical service of home builders; however, the America’s Builders Home Warranty is one of the best ones offered by home builders. This can be seen and learned from looking at Dr. Horton’s 35-year commitment to excellence and making dreams come true. This company understand that, in order to keep these dream homes into reality, they must ensure the homeowners that their home, appliances, and systems will still work, years passed the construction. Given the nature of home warranties, Dr. Horton America’s Builder does not provide specific information regarding their home warranty program; however, if you are interested, the company does offer specifics depending on your specific state. Visit www.drhorton.com/warranty/new for more information!

Three Benefits of a Home Warranty Plan

If you are like most homeowners, you might be skeptical of purchasing a home warranty program. However, once you consider the many benefits that come with a home warranty, chances are, you won’t question it again. After reading these benefits, it all comes down to proper research and picking the best warranty for you.

  • Peace of Mind

Purchasing a home warranty will give you the peace of mind when owning a home. Rather than stressing or worrying systems or broken-down appliances, a warranty can help cover the costs to repair or replace it.

  • Savings

The biggest benefit of a home warranty plan is the amount of money you will saving from purchasing one. While the initial purchase or deductible may be expensive, you will save more money in the long run, should a system or appliance break during the duration of the warranty coverage.

  • Experts

With a home warranty plan, you unlock the benefits of the professionals and experts behind the warranty company. If you ever are worried or have a question, you can easily contact the customer service hotline, like with Dr. Horton America’s Builders Home Warranty Plan.