Delta Home Project Home Warranty Company Review

Delta Home Project is a renowned home warranty company in the United States, offering coverage to over 45 states. The company touts its speedy claims turnaround times, great customer service, and qualified contractors. Previous customers have mentioned contractors evaluating claims in less than 24-hours of the initial filing. DHP sells multiple different services and plans helping homeowners regardless of their budget.

Understanding Their Services

Like many other home warranty companies, Delta Home Project offers multiple plans in efforts to meet every single homeowners’ need. It’s important to note that almost all of Delta Home Project plans cast aside age, model, and make of appliances and systems.

The following are the type of plans that are available to you:

  • Appliance Plan – as the name implies, this service helps protect many household appliances.
  • Build Your Own Plan – DHP allows for homeowners to customize their own plan and select 10 different appliances and systems. Pricing may vary depending on appliances selected.
  • Combo Plan – The combo plan is a bridge between the Appliance Plan and the Systems Plan. This will include all major appliances and include protection for systems as well.
  • Systems Plan – This will help protect and cover any major systems in your home, including electrical and plumbing.

Valuable Tools Offered by Delta Home Project

When you purchase a service from Delta Home Project, you also unveil some other valuable tools. For example, the company has such a wide net of contractors around the United States, Delta Home Project is able to have contractors out at someone’s home within 24 hours. This is significantly better than many other companies in the industry.

Aside from this, Delta Home Project has a wealth of valuable information and resources on their website. However, their website is currently down and it’s unsure how long the wait may be.