Community Plans and Products Home Warranty Company Review

Community Plans and Products is a homeowner’s service division of a larger company, Community Champions of Florida. Community Plans and Products services are available nationwide, except for those living in Washington D.C. Unlike many other home warranty services, Community Plans and Products offers great valued warranties covering traditional items; however, they even help with electronics and septic tanks.

Understanding Their Home Warranty

If you are looking for a quality home warranty that is cost-effective, the Community Home Plan may be perfect for you. This company offers a few different service options to cover just about any home appliance or system in your home. It’s important to note that, before discussing any of these plans, Community Plans and Products Home Warranty, no matter the service, will not be effective until 30 days after the contract is signed. This is something that is often misconstrued by consumers.

The company offers three main home warranty programs:

  • Basic – $19.95 per month, no service fees
  • Silver – $45.00 per month, no service fees

The Silver Plan is a step above the basic package and includes more coverage and protection. For example, with the Silver Plan you will receive coverage for more appliances and systems, including water heaters, telephone wiring, central air, ovens, refrigerator, and much more. More information is available on their website.

  • Gold – $65.95 per month, no service fees

The Gold Home Warranty is the company’s most prestigious service. Purchasing a Gold Home Warranty from Community Home Plans secures you the best possible deal, including almost all major appliances and systems. The company notes that the Gold Home Warranty will insure all appliances under SAFESECURE CLUB APPLIANCE PROTECTION PLAN. Be sure to ask before purchasing!

Additional Services

If you are looking for more services from Community Plans and Products, they offer more than just home warranties. This company sells electronic warranties, laundry warranties, pool and spa warranties, and sump pump plans. Typically, warranty companies will not cover electronics or pool and spa; however, you might be able to find a company that includes sump pumps and laundry in their initial packages. Extra research may be required.