Coldwell Banker Home Warranty Company Review

Coldwell Banker is one of the most prominent financial entities in the entire country. With that being said, Coldwell Banker sought to offer even more financial coverage and security when they partnered with American Home Shield, a prominent home warranty company. Today, Coldwell Banker’s Home Protection Plans are known as one of the best options available to homeowners and sellers, like yourself.

Understanding Their Services

Coldwell Banker’s Home Protection Plan is specifically designed to help both buyers and sellers. Considering this, their plans are modeled according to this.

  • Buyers

Coldwell Banker understands what it’s like to be a buyer, especially a first-time buyer. It can be tense to wonder whether or not the appliances or systems in a home are up-to-date and in great conditions. With that being said, Coldwell banker’s Home Protection Plan will help instill confidence through comprehensive coverage and 24/7 customer service for those last minute questions you may have.

  • Sellers

For sellers, Coldwell Banker’s home warranty plan is known to help make your home a dash more marketability. In an industry where there is a constant stream of homes and new buyers, it’s important to make your home or property worth the purchase. By purchasing Coldwell Banker’s plan, it can help enhance the buyer’s confidence, attract more potential buyers, and reduce any extreme appliance or system costs.

Additional Services and Resources

If you choose to purchase Coldwell Banker’s Home Protection Plan, you unlock additional services and resources that are otherwise secret to outsiders. Once you purchase their plan, not only will you receive 24/7 customer service access, you will also have access to American Home Shield’s service and contractors. Aside from this Coldwell Banker offers a wealth of valuable information and resources on their website, including a wealth of other beneficial financial services. Typically, those who choose this service tend to pick many of Coldwell Banker’s other services.