Buyers Protection Group offers two different levels of coverage: Standard or Preferred. They are better than most companies at addressing the various types of limitations that all home warranties seem to suffer. For example, BPG claims that unless they either repair or replace the appliance or system during a service call you are not required to pay for the service call. That is not an industry norm: many companies will allow you to be charged for a service visit that tells you there is nothing they can do, or that they have to order a part. They also claim to have the lowest standard service fees in the business.


A Step Above the Rest

One of the most attractive features of Buyers Protection Group is that you won’t be charged for a service call unless they can actually do something to resolve the situation you called about. This stands in stark contrast to many other companies in this industry, and makes them a more attractive option for most consumers. After all, why would you want to pay for a service charge to have someone tell you that there’s nothing they can do for you?


BPG Does Have a History of Expertise

Buyers Protection Group seems to have come out of a tradition of home inspections and site inspections, which seems to be the main service they emphasize on their website. That is really an excellent sign with regard to their knowledge of qualified service providers, since that is the expertise that many inspectors possess. The result is that home owners can trust they are in good hands, with reliable technicians and contractors who have the experience needed to understand what’s going on with a home and what the best way to resolve the issue is. This can help many homeowners who might be confused or intimidated by the process of home repairs.