Bonfe Home Warranty Company Review

The Bonfe company began operating in 1993 and is founded on the principals of trusting relationships with customers, customer service, and high standards of quality of work. Bonfe Home Warranty is open 24/7, ensuring their customers’ needs are always being met with great service. In light of this, the company has earned numerous awards and accolades, making them one of the best home warranty companies in Minnesota.

Understanding Their Products

Bonfe Home Warranty protects their fellow Minneapolis homeowners with comprehensive coverage and protection that is cost-friendly and promising. In light of this, the company does mention on their website that their warranty only covers homeowners from repair or replacements due to wear and tear ONLY during the contracted period. Keep this in mind as we discuss the different coverage options.

  1. Basic Coverage

BHW standard coverage for home warranty is known as Basic Coverage. This plan includes everything from plumbing, heating & air conditioning, electrical, and primary appliances and systems.

  1. Optional Coverage

The Optional Coverage places the power back into the hands of the consumer. With this, you have full control over your options of what you wish to be covered. You will need to select individual appliances or systems, and pay accordingly. If you are interested in the pricing scale, visit their website on Homeowner Warranty Plans.

Added Value and Resources

As with many other industries, a company can no longer just focus on selling a singular product. It’s important for companies, if they wish to stay relevant, to offer more value and resources to their prospective audience. Bonfe Home Warranty has a nicely structure website that gives their customers some great added value and resources. For example, Bonfe provides their customers with not only a blog, which features impressive information regarding the market and industry, but also Do It Yourself videos and specials to help potential customers save money. It’s imperative that, if you are interested in Bonfe, always check their specials to secure the best deal.