Blue Ribbon Home Warranty offers warranty services to property managers and real estate professionals services. As homes are approved for purchase, inspectors are employed to provide an assessment of the condition of the dwelling’s structure and operational systems. It is becoming more and more common to use services warranties to entice customers. New renters, home shoppers and property owners are reassured about the dwelling’s appliances and major operational systems, allowing them to enjoy their home with their mind at peace.


Industry Experience Means Trust

Blue Ribbon is one of the older companies, having issued warranties since 1985. Once you purchase your home, there are now only three parties involved in the contract, which is the Service Agreement that you sign with Blue Ribbon – you, the service provider and Blue Ribbon. They have a fairly sophisticated website and have plans that allow you to choose what to cover, what price service fee per incident you are willing to absorb, and lists of providers that are approved by their plan.


Save Money on Home Repairs

One of the best things about home warranties is that they allow customers to save money on home repairs. The sort of things that are covered by home warranty products are the big ticket items in your home, major appliances and different structural elements. The flexibility that Blue Ribbon offers lets you customize your protection so that your most important, and vulnerable, systems are covered, while at the same time saving you some cash by not forcing you to cover the systems and elements in your house that are new or that you’re confident are in good working order. The result is that consumers and home owners have more power over their home, and more peace of mind that everything inside of it will be protected should the worst happen.