BGE Home Warranty Company Review

BGE Home is a prominent company from Maryland that offers heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical services, alongside their home warranty plans. The company has risen to the top of its class given its friendly service, quality work, and innovative process.

Understanding Their Services

BGE Home has a completely different approach to providing home owners with the peace of mind on systems and appliances. The company offers two different styles of services:

  • Smart Service Plans

Smart Service Plans are combination plans, giving homeowners coverage for multiple systems in their home. For example, someone may choose a package that includes both heating and air systems or you may purchase the “Whole House Plan”, including all major systems and appliances.

  • Individual Product Plans

Individual product plans is a great option for homeowners seek to protect or cover specific systems of appliances. These plans only focus on 1 appliance in your home, while still offering the great service from BGE Home. These options may prove to be more cost friendly than other companies.

It terms of pricing, we advise anyone interesting in the BGE Home Warranty services to visit their website. Given the large selection of Smart Service Plans and Individual Product Plans, pricing may vary. There are plans for as low as $5.95 per month and as high as $48.95 per month.

Online Resources with BGE Home

BGE Home does not stop their home warranty services at their plans. BG Home has one of the most interactive and easy-to-use websites on the market. The company offers a section on coupons, information regarding energy conservation, and even a thorough blog, featuring useful blogs and articles on home maintenance. Our favorite online resource that BGE Home offers is their Do-It-Yourself section. Here, you will find a wealth of resources on how to do minor maintenance at home by yourself!