BFS Home Warranty company has a special pitch: they will ask you to pay (for a small fee) for regular maintenance services of your major systems. This is similar to the concept of preventative medicine, according to their website. This means that you will be able to keep your appliances and systems up and running and in good shape, and may be able to catch problems while they’re small, before they get serious and much more expensive. However, make sure you take advantage of this option, because a failure to do so might render parts of the warranty void.


Limited Warranties Might Be the Best Warranties

This company predominantly offers service contracts regarding air conditioning and heating systems. Because the company specializes in a particular service there is a good chance they have better taste in technicians than a company that claims to provide a wide range of services. Although they do specialize the company also offers a more general home warranty program for a broader range of service coverage. They are a regional company operating in the Southeast U.S.


The Benefits of a Pre-Screened Network

While some home owners may balk at the idea of having a limited network to choose from, it can actually work out in their advantage. BFS pre-screens all of the technicians and contractors on the list, which narrows down the number of different options you have to investigate. This can save you valuable time and money wading through a sea of contractors and technicians that you may or may not be able to find any real information on. Moreover, having a pre-screened list of technicians is especially valuable to those who are new to an area and haven’t established any kind of relationship with a home contractor, or who don’t know where to begin the search for a technician. As a result, BFS offers a potentially valuable service for many home owners.