Service Protection Advantage Home Warranty Company Review

Service Protection Advantage is a part of a larger and prominent home warranty and insurance service company known as Assurant Solutions. Service Protection Advantage has numerous plans and opportunities for homeowners, including their most noteworthy, extended warranties, making this company potentially worth your consideration.

Understanding Their Services

Service Protection Advantage offers extended warranty plans and services to protect all of your essential and primary appliances and services in your home. These extended plans offer numerous features and, in accordance to their website, include the following:

  • Labor Costs
  • Functioning Parts
  • Transfer coverage ($10 fee)
  • 15 years-old appliances (Max)
  • $100 worth of food spoilage.

In total, SPA will only allow consumers to add 10 items or appliances to their warranty plan. In light of this, if you choose to pick SPA as your warranty company, you can anticipate paying between $75-$200.

Evaluating a Warranty

Purchasing a home warranty policy can be incredibly exciting and a great peace of mind. However, before you can make your purchase, you must be informed and understand how to evaluate a potential policy. In light of this, it’s important to take into consideration that all policies in the industry will vary in price and premium depending on the quality of appliances and systems, age, make, and model. Be sure to do proper research and compare pricing and quotes for the best deal.

The only other word of caution is that home warranty programs normally don’t cover all costs when appliances breakdown. This is a common perception that homeowners have; however, they are in utter shock to discover they must pay some money out of pocket. With that being said, be sure to question and discuss this with Service Protection Advantage before signing any contract. Reason being, each company has a 30-day waiting period for claims on repairs and, in some cases, companies might not even offer their help or services for such cases, which some reviewers have mentioned.