America’s Preferred Home Warranty Company is one of the very few warranty companies that allows you to choose your own service provider. Other companies force you to choose from their list of providers. The quality of service seems to vary radically between geographic locations, since the quality of their service providers seems vary dramatically. Reading the customer ratings of these services across companies make it obvious that where you are matters considerably as to the value of their service. Some places have great providers, others are terrible. America’s Preferred tries to distinguish themselves by providing you with the freedom to choose your own provider.

Peace of Mind

The second claim that makes their warranty attractive is providing you with “peace of mind” because, with their service, an unexpected system failure will not shock you financially. As with all forms of insurance or warranty, the major considerations for choosing the appropriate policy rest with your specific vulnerabilities and the balancing of risk and cost.  Owning a home can be fraught with enormous expenses that can occur and can be triggered at unpredictable times. These are usually expenses that can’t be put off until it is financially convenient, and a home warranty makes it so that it’s always financially convenient.

Caveats and Cautions

It is important to understand that a home warranty is not the same as homeowner’s insurance. In fact, warranties exclude coverage on any damage that is already covered by the homeowner’s insurance.  Also, they are not designed to cover pre-existing conditions or to remedy building code violations, and they are usually short term agreements only lasting a year.  They do not cover the damage done to your house by that system failure, only the system itself. If a plumbing leak destroys you ceiling, they only fix the plumbing. They also require you to pay a service fee every time the technician or service provider visits ranging from $60.00 – $125.00.