American Home Warranty Company offers warranty services to home inspectors as a part of their complete inspection services. As homes are approved for purchase, inspectors are employed to provide an assessment of the condition of the dwelling’s structure and operational systems. According to AH Warranty Company, it has become a reasonable expectation to assume that the inspector’s report comes with a limited warranty backing up their assessments. American Home Warranty Company provides inspector’s with options for product and service warranties as well as educational opportunities to learn about potential system issues. They represent themselves on their website as support network for home inspectors.

Protection for the Most Important Parts of Your Home

American Home Warranty Company offers a few different products that you can use to customize your coverage so you can ensure your home is as protected as possible. The different options include different systems and structural coverages. It’s important to make sure you check your home insurance policy so that you aren’t overlapping coverage, as this overlap doesn’t provide any kind of substantial advantage to consumers.

A Network of Preferred Providers

Another advantage to using American home Warranty Company is that they have a network of certified contractors and technicians so that you won’t have to spend all of your time and energy doing research on different service options. This can be especially helpful to people who moved into a new area and aren’t familiar with the local contractor options, as well as those who simply haven’t had to face this kinds of repairs before and don’t know where to begin. The result is that home owners will have more time and energy to devote to enjoying their house, and will have to spend less time comparing different contractors, along with all the headaches and hassles that process involves.