American Home Shield Home Warranty Company Review

American Home Shield is known as the founding father of the home warranty industry. In 1971, American Home Shield launched the first initiative and, over 40 years later, AHS is still one of the leading-edge home warranty providers in the country. Today, AHS is covering over 1.5 million customers! Will you be next?


  • The American Home Shield website is quite advanced and offers consumers a wealth of resources and information regarding their services and the industry. With free tips and guides, home owners may find this website to be resourceful.


  • While American Home Shield is considered a 5-star brand, the company has been reported to have some accounting and communication problems. Past homeowners have advised future consumers to document everything to protect themselves, and their home.

Understanding Their Products

American Home Shield offers a wide array of home warranty products, giving consumers an opportunity to choose a service that matches their needs. The most popular plan available from this company is known as the “Combo Plan”. This option provides consumers with the most coverage, including almost all major appliances. One can expect to pay a minimum of $14 per month and a premium, at max, of $500. If you are seeking a more customized plan, AHS also offers a Build Your Own Plan, giving you the ability to choose exactly what you want to pay for.

The most expensive plans available from American Home Shield are those protecting the most important home appliances. There are three different variations of these plans and may only be used or bought post-real estate transaction. There is the Shield Essential, Shield Plus, and Shield Complete; the Shield Complete is the most comprehensive option, making it the flagship option.


American Home Shield is the original home warranty company, founding the entire industry. With that being said, AHS has built a longstanding reputation in the industry and around the world as one of the best and oldest home warranty companies today. AHS stands tall next to competing home warranty companies offering some of the best and cheapest home warranty programs. We do advise potential customers to compare rates and coverage options to ensure the best deal.