American Home Guard Home Warranty Company Review

American Home Guard is a relatively new home warranty company. Established in 2013, American Home Guard is often confused with larger warranty company, American Home Guardian and American Home Shield; however, AHG is gravely different. Today, AHG offers its services and products to almost every state in America, except Washington, Texas, and Minnesota.

Understanding Their Products

American Home Guard touts its impressive comprehensive warranty plans. Given its name, the company sells three different plans, The Red, White and Blue plans. These plans are easily distinguishable, once you look at the type of appliances or systems that are covered and protected. Below, you will find more information regarding each of these plans. If you are new to the home warranty industry, we highly suggest doing thorough research and comparing quotes that AHG may offer without competing brands.

  • Red – $529.99 with $65 per service call

The Red Plan from AHG is a branding way to refer to a systems protection plan. This option will cover any major systems, including AC< heating, and even your plumbing. This is the perfect option for new homeowners where their appliances are under warranty, effectively removing any worry if they are to break down.

  • White – $529.99 with $65 per service call

The White Plan is an appliance-base plan that covers all major appliances in your home, including refrigerator, stove top, microwave, and even your dishwasher. If you are an experienced home warranty consumer, you might notice that the White Plan includes appliances that are often considered “add-on” coverages for other companies. This plan is great for homeowners who are lacking any store or manufacturing warranties.

  • Blue – $599.99 with $65 service call

The Blue Plan is the best plan offered by American Home Guard. This plan combines both the Red and White Plan, while keep costs low. This plan is most optimal for homeowners that have older homes with older appliances and systems. Keep in mind, if there are any additional coverages you are looking for, AHG has a wealth of additional add-on packages.