Allied Home Warranty company is great example of a company that primarily sells their service to homebuilders rather than homeowners. Many of these warranties are offered as perks in the process of purchasing a new townhome or condominium. The warranty is pitched as offering “peace of mind.” in the event that a system breaks you can get it repaired or replaced without having to bear the financial burden in the moment. They feature a 24/7 claim line – and usually will act on your request for service within 24 hours.

Peace of Mind with Certified Technicians

One of the best features of the Allied Home Warranty is that they have a list of certified technicians to help you find a contractor you can trust should the worst happen. This can be a tremendous benefit to homeowners new to the area, and those that don’t have time to do extensive research and vetting on their contractors to ensure they’re getting the best deal. The result is saved time and energy for the homeowner, and peace of mind that their vital systems and house components will be taken care of should the worst happen.

Supplemental Options to Support Homeowner’s Insurance

Allied Home Warranty doesn’t cover anything that is already covered by your home insurance policy, and why would you want it to? There’s no advantage to covering the same systems and appliances twice. The benefit of a product like Allied Home Warranty is that they will ensure that you aren’t put in a tough situation by finding out that your homeowners insurance doesn’t cover one of the systems or structures that make your house a home. This will give consumers peace of mind regarding their home and it’s most important components, allowing homeowners to enjoy their home without the fear and worry of something terrible going wrong and not having the money to cover the expense.