The first thing that sets the Alliance Home Warranty plans is that they actually post the contract that will be between them and the homeowner. The actual details of the coverage are usually only revealed on a company’s website after you have gone through the process of obtaining a quote. The second consideration that is Alliance is based in Texas and serves Texas residents. There is always a better chance of getting quality service providers if the warranty company has a history in a limited geographic region.

The Quality of Service

Unfortunately, nothing in the warranty agreement really encourages the warrantor to provide high quality service. The quality of service seems to vary radically across systems, since the quality of their service providers seems vary dramatically. Reading the customer ratings of these services across companies make it obvious that where you live matters considerably as to the value of their service. Some places have great providers, others are terrible. Obviously if you live in a rural area, far from urban centers, the chance that there are many providers to choose from is low.

Breadth of Coverage

Home warranties exclude coverage on any damage that is already covered by the homeowner’s insurance.  Also, they are not designed to cover pre-existing conditions or to remedy building code violations, and they are usually short term agreements only lasting a year. They do not cover the damage done to your house by that system failure, only the system itself. If a plumbing leak destroys your ceiling, they only fix the plumbing. They also require you to pay a service fee every time the technician or service provider visits. The fee is payable to the service provider regardless of whether a repair or replacement takes place or not. Moreover, only certain parts of appliances and systems are covered – things like ductwork, pipes that are not inside the house proper, fixtures and binding agents like caulk, grout, paint, etc. are hardly ever included. Make sure you understand Alliance’s terms before you agree to a contract.