The AAA Company has offered its clients a discounted home warranty policy. They are partnering with Old Republic Home Warranty Company. The fact that AAA would offer such a plan is no doubt a testament to the Old Republic Company, since very few home warranty companies enjoy a sterling reputation. The plan offered through AAA claims to provide AAA members with “exclusive pricing” but they do not describe what is discounted or how much the discount includes. Ultimately, this plan is no different than the usual Old Republic home warranty contract and the strengths and weaknesses of their plan are briefly described below.

AAA Means a Solid Reputation

If you are a new homeowner, buying a house for the first time, the breadth of research and knowledge you need to make a good decision is vast. If the home you are interested in is not brand new then you will have to assess the value and age of the larger systems and appliances. This will require a great deal more research and knowledge to make those judgements. Although it would be ideal for a new homeowner to have an endless amount of time to accomplish those research projects, the truth is that it becomes impossible to know enough. Choosing a reputable home warranty company to cover the first year of appliances and home systems repairs may very well be wise.

Reasons to Be Wary of the Warranty

No home warranty comes without its limitations, its conditions and its exclusions. The coverage they offer is in no way complete and does not mean that repairs or replacements will not have out-of-pocket expenses. Your specific coverage is based on the terms and conditions of the plan you select and the items you elect to cover. It seems prudent to research thoroughly your local service providers that are associated with the plan to decide if there is any way this purchase could pay off in your favor.