AAA Home Protect Home Warranty Company Review

Understanding Their Product

AAA Home Protect is helping cover as many homeowners as possible by offering numerous different home warranty programs. Through purchasing one of the services listed below, not only do you receive the benefits of a home warranty program, you also receive the benefits of being an AAA Home Protect consumer. More of this information can be found on their website at

The Three Protection Plans

  • Appliances

The Appliances Protection Plan serves to protect homeowners from having to pay for replacing or repairing any of the appliances in their home. These appliances may be washers, dryer, garage door openers, and more. Quotes are available on their website.

  • Combination

The combination protection plan is the most popular option from AAA Home Protect. Reason being, the combination plan is the most cost-friendly option of its class, covering both appliances and systems. If you are looking for a great-valued plan, check this one out!

  • Systems

Sometimes, homeowners are only looking to secure and protect their systems inside their home. This plan is perfect for the type of homeowner. The Systems Protection Plan will cover any damage or replacements for major home systems. This may be your air conditioning, water heaters, or even your plumbing!

Valuing a Home Warranty

Before you are quick to purchasing a home warranty, it’s important to take the time to value the warranty based on the quote and information on the website. In light of this information, before jumping at any deal, research other warranty companies and their deals. Since this industry is heavily contested, chances are, there are better deals out there. Find a company that speaks to your needs and offers the customer service you enjoy. If you are lucky, you might even find a company that provides unique and handy benefits!