Owning your own home has its advantages and pitfalls. Whether water is pouring from your upstairs bathroom pipes, or your washer gives out, or your air conditioning or heating goes out during extreme weather, immediate actions have to be taken to prevent further damage to your property and sometimes to yourself. Generally, home warranties are designed to cover loss or damage to your appliances and systems that are not covered by homeowner’s insurance. However, 365 Home warranty has taken that to a whole new level.

Huge Range of Options

365 has one of the most elaborate and explicit websites of any home warranty company. They offer many different services like lockout service, roadside service, Their basic plan only covers appliances and only those listed. The Standard plan covers everything the Appliance plan covers and gives you the option of choosing protection for two major systems from their list. The Premium Plan covers both lists in both categories. They have a very clear side by side comparison of what each plan covers. In addition to their three plans, the company offers additional coverage for other home fixtures and appliances at an added cost. For example, if you want the pool covered, you can add that to whichever policy you choose.

Deciding Whether You Really Need a Home Warranty

Timing and the age of your systems is also a consideration when deciding whether to purchase a home warranty. If you have just purchased a brand new home, chances are that your systems are already covered by either a service or replacement warranty.  Different systems have different lifespans, so figuring out which parts of your home systems are potentially due to break down or fail is good first step in assessing whether this is a wise purchase for you. Given the number of different plans available, it should be easy to tailor one to your needs.